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    FCC radio license

    Even if nobody routinely asks, it's one of those pieces of paper whose absence can be a big 'thing' if you run into the wrong local official who has a checklist to work off.
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    [NA] Getting car running after sitting for years

    I had a hangar car sitting for 3 years. Main problem was that the tires remained bumpy even after driving it for a while. Eventually I replaced those. I didn't have to drain the fuel. Modern gas tanks with the evap control system are pretty much sealed, so the alcohol doesn't have a chance to...
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    [NA] Getting car running after sitting for years

    It'll need tires oil, brake fluid, filters and maybe fresh fuel. I would leave belts and hoses alone. That's still a new car.
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    Physician's assistant AME?

    Writing new insurance is the issue. I was a partner in a 5-way partnership on a 6 seat retract. When we had one of our members approach 70, the broker told us to decide on a insurance company and to stick with it going forward as nobody would write new insurance for us going forward...
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    Physician's assistant AME?

    That's because they are 70+.
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    Weird placement of car parts. Why?

    I have a frunk battery in an old 911. Fold carpet back, access battery. I have no issue with that. Actually a better place than stuffing it in the engine compartment.
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    Weird placement of car parts. Why?

    Some Porsches require you to drop the engine to get to the upper spark plugs. I made the mistake to tell the dealer 'oh, just change the spark plugs too' on my little Nissan truck a few years ago. Turns out its a 3.5hr job that requires them to take off the intake manifold. Now I'll just wait...
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    Weird placement of car parts. Why?

    Your not wrong. It's more than cars. My dad is a retired engineer. He was an electrician by trade before he went to college. His job for much of his career was to turn plans for industrial HVAC systems drawn by others into reality. More than once he had to explain to the bespectacled CAD...
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    Weird placement of car parts. Why?

    The recent Escape is famous for that. The answer is: Because Ford could save $0.52 per unit during production by doing it that way.
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    Changing aircraft registration from personal to LLC

    Again, depending on where you are, that may or may not be a good strategy. In states, that dont consider moving it into a entity a taxable event, there is little downside to buying it as a personal aircraft. That way, you avoid annual filing fees and the additional accounting expense of creating...
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    Changing aircraft registration from personal to LLC

    Yes. Get tax advice before you do that. Decide whether the expected benefit warrants the accounting effort.
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    Seamax m22 Crash East Hampton NY

    Is there now a certified version of the Seamax ?
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    Buzzing houses going in Schuylerville NY

    A judge can also order him not to drive a car past her house even though it is the DMV that issues drivers licenses and the county roads department that maintains the road. The judge didn't order his FAA issued license revoked, he ordered the person to not take a particular action.
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    Non-aviation: advice for selling first house

    The other way around. The only one who pays at a closing is the buyer (and his mortgage Co). Everyone else goes home with a check. The skim is built into the RE market, a buyer wouldn't get any more if the barnacles didn't exist.
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    Non-aviation: advice for selling first house

    I have used the same realtor for buy and sell transactions. She was the listing agent on my first house in the area and did too good of a job ;-) - Yes, there are 'top performing agents'. It's just objectively true, there are agents who have 10x the sales volume than other agents in the same...
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    Is Dan Gryder the biggest tool on aviation youtube?

    - Some email clients respond to receipt requests - Some emails load a logo or image from a website once you open the message. The site that serves the image logs the unique request. - legal document is attached as a link. If you click the link the access request is logged.
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    Recommended investments in high interest environments

    Tulip bulbs and stamp return coupons. That's where it's at. Also: Plastics !
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    Jet Transport for Stroke Patient

    Finish out the initial rehab in CO and then fly her commercial in business class with someone to assist. The airline may require a medical clearance from her doc, but if she is able to sit and is not oxygen dependent, there is no reason not to travel commercial.
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    Do you regularly run tanks (aux) dry?

    In a A36 with tip tanks (and the 5 position selector), the fuel flow gauge gives you ample warning that the tank is empty. You know when it's going to happen so you just keep an eye on it and switch. The only downside is that now you have 8ft of air filled fuel line coming in from the tank, so...
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    Maryland - Aerial Jettison of Cremated Remains (over water)

    The only way a private pilot can do this is without compensation.