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    Roomba for my shop?

    I have 3 Roombas operating, uh....usually operating, in my home. No model I have would be up to snuff in a garage/shop environment, not even close. The rubber 'brushes' would be destroyed in short order by the typical debris found in that environment in my opinion based upon ownership for...
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    Dental surgery- wisdom teeth

    This is right in my wheelhouse as removing wisdom teeth is a daily part of my practice (and pays for my avgas/note/hangar..etc:)). Just follow the advice of your doctor. Get a copy of the record after all follow up appointments are completed. Disclose it on your next medical and provide those...
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    "He was such a good pilot..."

    My 182-S has no header tank/reservoir as far as I can see visually and in the fuel system diagram in the POH. I see 12 'sump' points in the POH and in inspection of the A/C. Am I missing something? Honest concerned question.
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    "He was such a good pilot..."

    If there are 13 points I have been missing one. Ten wing, one strainer, one selector. Is there another?
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    Transient tie down fees

    I have mixed feelings about ramp fees in that the airport needs to cover operating expenses to stay viable. I am not versed in the normal operating expenses of a small rural airport with SS fuel and whether fuel sales profit covers expenses. A small nominal fee doesn't bother me. At a full...
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    Ifr written holding procedure ??’s

    They know there is not a difference and explain their position. However, they state that if you encounter this exact question on the Instrument Knowledge test to make sure your answer is the one that will be scored as correct. Stupid to have to play that way and there is enough wiggle room at...
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    Ifr written holding procedure ??’s

    Exactly my point. Regs say either is appropriate but on one question the correct answer is parallel and another identical entry is scored teardrop as correct. One of the many fine examples of FAA test questions that have ambiguous answers.
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    New hydrogen engine

    However, the flammability poses no risk greater than gasoline vapors, LP gas....and we have learned to readily accept those risks. Yes, the Hindenburg accident made H2 appear to be a very dangerous gas; that is correct relative to He, the precursor to H2. I'll still stick to my Ethyl, thank...
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    New to site -- Actor- would love feedback

    .....on loose sand or dirt!
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    Ifr written holding procedure ??’s

    "I would expect the explanation to say that either parallel or teardrop is correct for both." Correct based on regulations but there are (at least before the recent test reformulation) questions on which the correct answer to the type of entry into the hold is different even though the entry...
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    Burning a piano

    What works even better is to get some schmuck buyer pay extra to have it left behind...... :rolleyes:
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    Burning a piano

    Anyone want an electric keyboard or desk ex square grand kit? I'll pay you to take it off my hands! Maybe someone with a Cherokee 300 that wants to recreate a nostalgic ad? Takers??? ;)
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    Burning a piano

    I've got a square grand from the 1800's that was bought along with other antiques that were negotiated in the purchase of a home owned by an antique dealer. It was an emotional purchase on behalf of the wife. I think the husband of the dealer secretly was relieved that he did not have to spend...
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    New hydrogen engine

    That doesn't bother me none....says the guy from South Louisiana! We've got plenty of reserves offshore and can use the dollars that it brings in. We're happy to share. :)
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    Air-to-Air M600

    Beautiful work, Jack!
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    Daily Pic

    Louisiana‘s all inclusive gated community. LOL…. Angola!
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    Plano, Texas crash.

    This reminds me of a dark but humorous comment made by a general surgery colleague during tumor board while discussing treatment options for a patient with very advanced cancer. He said “advise them not to buy anything on ‘lay away’”.
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    Failed my first opportunity to solo

    I had my solo day scheduled a few days in advance. I had about 160 hrs in with about 110 in my own plane…..waiting on an SI :rolleyes:. I still had a bit of nervousness regardless of my experience at that point. One thing that my CFI said that rang true is that I would be a better pilot after...
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    FAA FOIA request pilot enforcement records

    If this is indeed true then should one ignore this? Could this reporting possibly prevent an incident like the recent dumpster fire of a CFI that let his student fly the two of them into a thunderstorm and to an awful death? In my profession if I suspect child abuse/neglect in one of my...
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    I Don't Think So Skippy ...

    At least he has all the logbooks…. ”So I got that goin‘ for me, which is nice” Carl Spackler