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  1. Let'sgoflying!

    "He was such a good pilot..."

    I just want to repost that because it is so good.
  2. Let'sgoflying!

    What do you use to deice your plane

    What do you use to (anti)ice your plane? Latitude.
  3. Let'sgoflying!

    Evading interior border checkpoints by flying over them

    For several years I had a weekly gig on the border & flew mrf-prs-mrf, right over the top of the Marfa Hwy 67 USCBP checkpoint. Many times I drove as well. Not once did anyone meet me at either airport to check things out. They have tons of sensors, plus I was squawking all the time & I knew...
  4. Let'sgoflying!

    Is it possible to manually trip the flush circuit breakers?

    I can do it, but it involves sparks.
  5. Let'sgoflying!

    [NA] We tipping for shipments now?

    Another trend here is, to save the staff the 'onerous trouble' of counting change, the checkout process is slowed, all day long by injecting into the sales progression verbally or electronically, "Do you want to Round Up For (their preferred large national charity)". I always tell them the...
  6. Let'sgoflying!

    [NA] Getting car running after sitting for years

    Been watching for an outcome; did I miss it?
  7. Let'sgoflying!

    [NA] We tipping for shipments now?

    Walmart, ordinary online stationery order, today. They are tipping drivers, or adding tips to our total? I’m always the last to learn these things.
  8. Let'sgoflying!

    Lets make Friday 'Joke Day'!

    I had no problem with haggis. Now, this was after the 2nd shot of Glenfiddich they plied us with.
  9. Let'sgoflying!

    Weird placement of car parts. Why?

    Autos are all designed by 25yo computer experts with black-frame glasses, perfectly clean hands, manicured nails, sipping Starbucks while they work on their computer-generated 3-D models in huge offices, at least that’s how I envision it.
  10. Let'sgoflying!

    Loose horse forces Air Atlanta to return to JFK

    Reminds me of Dick Francis stories
  11. Let'sgoflying!

    ATC provided wake separation

    Do you find atc is always providing (or offering) time separation between your departure, and a preceding airliner departure or arrival - or do you find you have to ask for it? How much time, in either case?
  12. Let'sgoflying!

    FF data

    I get the regular FF updates, and flight data through the home wifi - and that’s a bit slow. I noticed with my new iPhone and USB-C cable the iTunes sync is amazingly fast. Wondering if there is a way to (leisurely) get FF updates to my laptop, and when I’m ready to fly, plug the phone in and...
  13. Let'sgoflying!

    [NA]Texas handgun law[NA]

    Texas sent me a License renewal notification this week. I thought we were past all that and found this. License needed or ignore??,have%20a%20license%20to%20carry.
  14. Let'sgoflying!

    Bogus Airliner Images

    Wish I could find the video of the 2 jets nearly colliding above a runway, anyone seen any nmac videos?
  15. Let'sgoflying!

    Bogus Airliner Images

    That's what I'm wondering about.
  16. Let'sgoflying!

    Bogus Airliner Images

    Is there a site that is generating wildly impossible airliner photos and videos? Friends are always showing me 500' long jets, Antonov with 20 engines, then videos of obviously impossible nmac's, airliner landings looking like you'd expect from a stolen C-150. "Hey have you seen this?" "Fake."...
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    [NA] Thinking iphone 15

    oh, no - I would not expect the higher charge rates with the old USB-A chargers.
  18. Let'sgoflying!

    Anyone lose it and keep it off . . .

    I started changes about 3 months ago and 202->178 (24 lbs). I was delighted I could do this without feeling starved all the time. I can eat as much as I want of most things. I do not have to eat carrot and celery sticks! I did not have to intermittent or otherwise fast. This was enough for me...
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    [NA] Thinking iphone 15

    The biggest plus of the iphone 15pro has been: -rapid charging, I think this is due to the USB-C technology -the USB-C is making reliable connections to the phone, unlike the Lightning (of course, it is brand new and not time-tested yet) I can't say battery life has been stellar.
  20. Let'sgoflying!

    Jetson One - Marketing

    20 min endurance? “This is Jetson1234 taxiing for takeoff Madison County, declaring a fuel emergency”