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    Evading interior border checkpoints by flying over them

    That was similar to what I was thinking. Plot is this guy that flies skydivers out of a border town, then it's approached by goons to fly illegals over the border. He then comes up with the idea of going up to 16k or so on a night with strong southerly winds, slump the illegals using static line.
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    61.129 Commercial instrument time

    Late spring this year
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    61.129 Commercial instrument time

    Got my commercial after my instrument rating and this never came up with the dpe.
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    Another IT guy lost to Aviation

    SAFE imho goes against all that Agile preached...
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    Another IT guy lost to Aviation

    I make money on convincing the customer that it ain't broke but it will break soon. And when it does, all the competitors will already be on the new thing. FOMO works like a charm.
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    Another IT guy lost to Aviation

    With this RTO wave, we're going to go from Pilot Shortage to Techie Shortage. :)
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    Another IT guy lost to Aviation

    I know a guy that left a part 91 king air gig to become a DBA... This was in the 90s
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    Another IT guy lost to Aviation

    Lol... I'm also in IT and looking for the same thing... retiring from IT and flying right seat until I can't pass 1st class anymore.
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    PC 12 Down off of NC Coast

    I've never read anything close to this. Almost could not believe the lack of familiarity with the AP, FMS and the fact that they tried to get flight VFR when conditions were not that great. Also, why not enter the flight plan on the ground? Awful decision to take off into marginal weather...
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    Richard McSpadden Crash

    RIP. He was one person that I enjoyed watching on YouTube and have great respect for. He'll be missed.
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    Juxtaposed Threads Thread

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    FltPlan Go x Foreflight

    I use it on an iPad Mini. I first used it on an older iPad Mini but the app would crash every now and then, especially when superimposing the plates on the maps. I got a more recent iPad Mini and it hasn't crashed since.
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    FltPlan Go x Foreflight

    I gotta check the Accessbility setting... that might be the culprit
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    FltPlan Go x Foreflight

    I tried it and it doesn't work for me. I'm using an iPad mini, so maybe that's the reason?
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    FltPlan Go x Foreflight

    How did you do that? I tried in the plates page and couldn't figure it out. It worked only when I created a folder...
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    FltPlan Go x Foreflight

    Reving this thread now that I got my IR and CPL. I recently did a few flights using FF (trial, so no geo-ref plates). Things I really like about it compared to FltPlan Go: - Weather briefing: miles ahead of FPG. Very intuitive, easy to understand. Access to weather charts is very nice, easy to...
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    How is Medical Examine Different for Commercial?

    When I renewed my 3rd class many years ago the AME said I would qualify for second class, so I got that since. He said my vision was the factor, being 20/20 with glasses while 3rd class had a lesser requirement.
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    Too hot to fly Legally?

    Awesome! Please PM me the school you're doing the multi as I'm also interested.
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    What's next after Commercial?

    That's a nice gig! Definitely something on my radar, although multi is not a requirement for it.
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    Garmin G5 simulator

    ^this. It's very simple to use.