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  1. G-Man

    SRC Airshows

    Up to your usual excellence, Jack!
  2. G-Man

    Strength of GA?

    I thought it was a toupee and Viagra?
  3. G-Man

    Strength of GA?

    I wonder how much the utility of General Aviation may be fading, which may be driving diminishing use? Used to be the GA sweet spot was 150-600 miles, right? Especially compared to the 1970s, when cars and highways were less and airline travel was much costlier and rare. Shoot, most people...
  4. G-Man

    Spirit Stops Hiring

    Presumably related in the big picture:
  5. G-Man

    The end of Reno

    Great find, Katamarino. Unfortunately, the Las Vegas Space Port does not yet exist:
  6. G-Man

    Osh PIREP

    All reports are accurate! It’s booming, busy, full of airplanes of all manner, and awfully smoky hazy today. Hoping it does clear up.
  7. G-Man

    Meetup at the Brown Arch Wed. July 26 14:30 CDT

    I’m here at Oshkosh and hope to make the photo meetup - wearing my 2017 Amelia’s Landing Osh T-shirt!
  8. G-Man

    What makes a booth at OSH good?

    Pinecone wrote: "Nix the Gatorade. A better product are Sqwincher QuickStik packs. One pack in one bottle of water. Two per day is plenty. Available from Amazon." Thank you!! I've been looking for a better, healthier, lower-sugar alternative to Gatorade-type sports drinks. I usually water...
  9. G-Man

    What makes a booth at OSH good?

    Now that we know more about your offering, I'll make some additional suggestions: 1. A 60-90 second looped video showing your software in action. SILENT!! No Narration and No Music. Maybe a 30-40 inch video screen since you're outside and need to keep this out of sunlight so it is readable. 2...
  10. G-Man

    What makes a booth at OSH good?

    NO repeat NO ongoing audio, including loops on any video displays! No one can hear it, no one will listen, and there is nothing more horrible to your neighbor booths.
  11. G-Man

    It flies again

    There's a plan / rumor / hope / wishful thinking that it will go to Oshkosh this year. Seeing that fly would be quite something, indeed!
  12. G-Man

    Seaplane flips off Bald Head Island, NC

    Ow. Looks like an Air Cam? Glad no injuries, for sure.
  13. G-Man

    Lets make Friday 'Joke Day'!

    Happy Brexit 1776!
  14. G-Man

    Sub lost contact over Titanic

    Hopefully a wiser person will respond, but, basically, "it depends." A lot. Oftentimes, nope, they don't do much. It's very jurisdictional: within Colorado, most waivers hold up pretty well due to the ski industry and their presence and impact on legislation. In this case, it's going to be a...
  15. G-Man

    Blood-Covered Pilot Continues Flying Plane After Bird Slams Into Cockpit

    Why is he wearing what looks like a painting respirator?
  16. G-Man

    Watch Them Wing Tips

    Evacuated the area for one and a half miles? With the nearest building 50 feet away and the fire never spreading? On the airport grounds? Quarterbacking from my comfy armchair, that seems excessively more than 'an abundance of caution,' does it not?
  17. G-Man

    First visitor in the new hangar

    I wouldn't worry until the rat leaves the ship, er, hangar...
  18. G-Man

    NX Carbon Cub crash, Spanish Fork

    From most people, I wouldn't believe this. From you? It was probably 85 and half a foot.
  19. G-Man

    Spreading Ashes

    We scattered my father's ashes from a stopped small motorboat on a calm day. It was supposed to be a longtime good friend using his boat but he had an emergency and so some friend of his we'd never met did the boat driving. What an incredible good friend that guy was to show up and do this for...
  20. G-Man

    B-17 Grounded

    I saw the AD specifics elsewhere. I'm no A&P, but it did stick with me that the estimated inspection costs are ~$38K at $85 hourly, and the AD made a note that it is very difficult to estimate this since there are so few examples. It's wonderful to see these fly, and there is so much time...