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  1. Flymy47

    This awesome airplane is not right for you if you need to see the logbooks

    Try They'll get you what's on the CD in hours if not minutes, but it'll cost you more than the FAA CD at about $45. If time is of the essence, these guys are the way to go.
  2. Flymy47

    Flight Suits

    Look for a pair of surplus "A2CU" pants at a surplus store or on eBay. They have tan ones and multiple camo patterns. Plenty of pockets.
  3. Flymy47


    ATC is something I really wish I could've done post-military retirement. I feel I might have been a good fit in that career path given the problem-solving/stress aspect of the job.
  4. Flymy47

    Kit storage time

    Better inspect those laser-cut holes though... Too soon?
  5. Flymy47

    I want to go to OSH 2024... BUT

    I need to know more about this tent… this is my type of “camping”
  6. Flymy47

    Recommendations for Nashville

    Kid Rock's Honkeytonk, top floor. You'll hear everything from Guns-n-Roses, and Def Leopard, to Johnny Cash... Beware - it gets wild.
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    Ducking for helo blades?

    We put a set of those line-of-sight blockers on one of our aircraft for testing, but the survey results didn't do much for us, so REGT passed on it. These new-ish systems, like the suppressors and IRCM, almost give you a shred of hope to survive a MANPAD engagement!
  8. Flymy47

    Ducking for helo blades?

    I stole that expression from our Blackhawk guys!
  9. Flymy47

    Ducking for helo blades?

    We (ARSOF) got IR suppressors with the G model. F models got a different system. When we were getting ripped out by the first G model unit, we were in an un-suppressed Echo flying formation on them and when we got our usual separation, we had a hard time "following the smiling frog", as the...
  10. Flymy47

    Ducking for helo blades?

    This is the way!
  11. Flymy47

    Ducking for helo blades?

    I have not! The 101st got EAPS as I was out the door to go to REGT, who never had them. I have gotten the P/C Link boot shower standing next to the cockpit when the pilot pulled thrust. He remembered to close his cockpit window, so I'm pretty sure I was the intended target. Well played, left...
  12. Flymy47

    Ducking for helo blades?

    That's the old FE trick to stay warm while in the FARP during winter!
  13. Flymy47

    Ducking for helo blades?

    The forward rotor blades on the Chinook can dip as low as 4 feet, but that's at lower RPMs like when they are coasting down. At ground idle or flight idle, they are pretty high off the ground, but we still brief people never to approach from the front. The rear rotor is 18 feet off the ground so...
  14. Flymy47

    Extended truck service plans, yea or nay

    My $.02... I have a 2018 V8 5.0L (not Ford's best year for this motor) that has been in for timing issues once and waiting to go back in mid-May again for the same issue. Fortunately, it should be (it better be...) covered under the 60k powertrain warranty, but the hassle of having to constantly...
  15. Flymy47

    Two Blackhawks Down, 3/29, Ft. Campbell, KY, 9 dead

    We did a side by side comparison a couple of years ago. I started the flight with the green ANVIS. Then I switched to the WP, and it was amazing. We landed about 150 feet from a chain link fence, and I could make out the links with the WP. Going back to the green ANVIS was horrible. It was like...
  16. Flymy47

    Two Blackhawks Down, 3/29, Ft. Campbell, KY, 9 dead

    Full Face Fives... You sir, are my hero. I'm an ANVIS-6 baby myself, but I have nothing but respect for the guys who lead the way. Flew with some White Phosphorous goggles the other night, and they are pretty awesome. No more green.
  17. Flymy47

    Drone and fighter bump

    Maybe not an AIM-120, but it can shoot Stingers, and AIM-9's.
  18. Flymy47

    Talk me out of a Rotorway 162F

    I'm hoping to use them to finish my Instrument rating in a few months. Shoot me a PM, I'm curious who your instructor is...
  19. Flymy47

    Blackhawk Down

    I remember sitting in the outbrief from that accident. It was B-A-D. IIRC they ended up climbing while going backwards at 70 knots as they were fighting to get it under control.
  20. Flymy47

    Blackhawk Down

    Do both the Lima and Mike have the ability to couple to the flight director, or some other autopilot type function? Spatial-D never occurred to me because I figured there's so much automation available.