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    Interesting comms

    I believe there are 2 flight schools at KARR + another one sending their students to practice class D pattern work - stuff like that bound to happen now and then .
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    Rotax 916

    War in Ukraine ? Are there any engine components manufactured over there ?
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    PA-32 down in Salt Lake (7-25-2020)

    GA aviation is truly a relic stuck in the past with their “leaning strategies” and other engine implementation details that are completely irrelevant to the actual flying and have been fully automated for decades now in all modern engines …
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    54 knot CAS MOSAIC requirement, and only that. :)

    Here is vans website for factory build SLSas with detailed explanation on what is SLSA and ELSA etc …right now only for RV12 but with MOSAIC may be for most of their planes.
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    54 knot CAS MOSAIC requirement, and only that. :)

    With LSAs is the manufacturer who determines what sort of equipment is allowed on their planes ( and if you switch to ELSA then it is you who determines what can get installed, as long as whatever changes you make don’t take the plane out of LSA category ) Normally , the manufacturer would...
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    54 knot CAS MOSAIC requirement, and only that. :)

    Well, the whole point is that LSAs are not certified yet still factory build planes so in essence they are more akin to automobiles where you rely on manufacturer reputation and industry standards rather then the actual certification process.
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    Hot Air Balloon down Albuquerque

    Well, I could just as well link your post to a random but “scholarly” sounding wiki page or such but I am just way too lazy ….. The point was that If you look long enough you will always find somebody somewhere doing something stupid and if you are skilled in the fine art of ********ing, perhaps...
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    Hot Air Balloon down Albuquerque

    They said iPads never killed anyone and look at that … can’t “lighten up” on these crazy iPaders either ..
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    How often do you fly?

    Around 90-100 hours and strictly recreational.
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    54 knot CAS MOSAIC requirement, and only that. :)

    Most of RV planes ( perhaps even RV14 if they up the limit a bit ) , Sling TSI and others could be build as a factory made LSAs and thus opening doors to 200-300k modern planes - not exactly cheap but at least within a reach …
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    Is Dan Gryder the biggest tool on aviation youtube?

    Yep, it does happen now and then ... as long as it does not become a trend, I can live with that.
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    Cessna 150 Rotax Conversion

    I have about 600 hours behind Rotax - the carbureted version. Love the engine , in fact when looking for my next plane to be, if it is not Rotax 915/16 , it is not happening.
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    Malaysia Jet Crash

    Perhaps they were attempting to land on that highway … definitely scary.
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    Is Dan Gryder the biggest tool on aviation youtube?

    You are bordering here on being funny ... still on the wrong side of that border because you are trying too hard - the good news is that is a common problem , the bad news is that it won’t get better … you either have it or you don’t.