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    Osprey crash in Japan

    Looks like they are willing to accept more risk…the cost of doing business mantra was sort of drummed out of military aviation in the 90’s, but I guess we’re back full circle.
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    What's wrong with a dutch roll in a passenger jet?

    Well this is convenient for the discussion… Of course it’s Boeing…
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    Seaplane collides with small boat in Vancouver

    It’s interesting but pure rules the seaplane is wrong but this is crazy…I spend a lot of time still to this day delivering boats and congested harbors and sea-lanes are full of people that do not understand or follow COLREGS….summertime in any place may be less then half…I am picking up a 62...
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    Anybody ever make money with a lease back??

    No and ended up in five lawsuits when an active FAA employee, probably committed suicide, also killing his five year old daughter in a bad domestic divorce situation…child was kidnapped and was given Reds Apple ale and over 2 times the limit for an Adult. Worst time in my life…all resolved now...
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    Piper automatic gear extend

    Trying to extend your glide in an engine out to make the field then hit gear down speed and end up in the trees and die…one of the lawsuits from the grieving family.
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    Helo with Iranian President hits side of mountain

    Ah yes the Jimmy Carter Desert Classic…as we referred to it…what a mess…
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    For Memorial Day

    For those who would like to spend the day thinking and reflecting there are so many I know..but I can give you a couple of names to which I have very close connection who gave it all. CW4 Kieth Mariotti and Specialist 5 Michael Lautzenheiser both Army Aviation. I will be hoisting a toast to...
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    Helo with Iranian President hits side of mountain

    Realize IFR capable helicopters in my era of flying in the Army had a single NDB (AH-1 and AH-64A) and required the ability to do a radar approach at destination ( PAR or ASR). We did occasionally fly IFR and were required to take an annual ride. Utility Helicopters all had VORs with a...
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    USAF IP killed at Sheppard AFB

    This is the reason I donate monthly to…Prayers to the family and hope they get this sorted out.
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    Foreflight Lightning is Broken - Need Help with Escalation

    Codemonkey was Tyson Wiehs I believe and very much departed even as an advisor to FF post Boeing purchase. Really nice guy who created a forward thinking company and a culture of GA pilots that still seems to exist today. I have met quite a few employees over the years…if pilot support says they...
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    Under insured and sweating a little bit..

    Most Aviation policies (unlike other property policies) are 100% earned with a total loss with a payment by your carrier. So if you use your carrier and the policy has the clause you may not get any money back…I would also ask that question and take it into consideration.
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    Under insured and sweating a little bit..

    I would notify your carrier then put them on hold until and when the other carrier either accepts or rejects liability and makes a tentative settlement. Lots can go sideways in Aviation insurance as so many things must be right for the Company to accept liability. Things like medicals...
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    Any rules against what you put as your flight ID?

    You got on Flat Iron you gave blood…engine failure solo at a hover in a TH-55 was enough that day.
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    Swan Song

    Post of the year and makes me smile and celebrate it happened with you…best of luck making it happen, to add some more!
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    ELT noise

    Yep the rotating beacon will produce the noise…turn it off and see if it stops…