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    For Sale Seeking Partnership

    Thanks Dan
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    For Sale Seeking Partnership

    I am ASEL, Complex/High Performance, Commercial MEL, Instruments, 750 hours. I am seeking a partnership in anything fast and well maintained that can be located at either KPDK or 3J7 (Greene County Regional/Reynolds Plantation). Please email with the details. Todd ( Thanks!
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    For Sale: Club Membership Comanche 260B non-equity partnership Atlanta, Ga

    Hi Tommy, I am definitely interested. I have a hangar at 3J7 that we could use in the meantime. Please give me a call. Thanks, Todd 706-347-1058
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    Straight Tail Lance

    Can an IO-540-KIG5D on a 1977 non-turbo straight tail Lance be converted to a turbo and can I add a hot prop and de-icing boots? Thanks for your input.