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    Stolen King Air still flying as of 8:38am on Sat (9-3-22)

    No kidding. A bit of a miracle ending, really.
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    Airventure Parking Rant

    This made me laugh, as I know exactly who you're talking about. I made the grave mistake of waving her over to explain where I wanted to park to be near my friends that were already there (with open spots next to them). You'd think I just ripped all her fingernails out with the response I got...
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    Advice on ANR headsets for passengers

    I've never understood why aircraft owners were willing to cheap out on headsets for their passengers. As stated above, a headset can make or break someone's flying experience. I've tried them all and have found my favorite to be the DC One-X and I now have multiple pair.
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    CFI signing off questionable flight

    None of the student pilot stuff matters. She is the owner of the airplane. She hired a CFI (and therefore commercial pilot) to fly her in HER airplane. This is 100% legal under part 91 for a commercial pilot to operate and receive compensation. /thread.
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    "Jay" King flies west Looks like everyone's favorite accident investigator has done a video on this already.
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    "Jay" King flies west

    There was a lot of initial speculation of suicide. Initial reports from folks claim to have seen it go "straight in". Later it was found out that he had managed a mayday call to ATC for chest pain and trouble breathing. He was having problems finding the airport and ATC was trying to get him...
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    Mayday STOL drag races - Wayne NE

    The thing that worries me is the "anyone can do it! Come on, sign up!" mentality. This type of flying should be treated more like airshows or air racing, IMHO.
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    Dang, I did my 20's wrong! Spent them being a broke regional pilot, should have been doing this! Nice work, looks great. One of the best small family planes around.
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    My plane out of service, looking for fun things to do

    I can't agree with this more. Get some good specialized training in the VFR world. It might just save your life someday, not to mention just being "plane" old fun.
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    Trent Palmer (YouTuber Bush Pilot Channel) Suspended By FAA

    Not landing at that strip does seem odd for sure. But I don't understand why he would buzz some random lady's house? That makes no sense to me. If I were in the business of illegally buzzing houses, I'd buzz my own, my friend's, etc. Not some random person's house.
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    Trent Palmer (YouTuber Bush Pilot Channel) Suspended By FAA

    Does anybody know which house was the house in question? 500' AGL is about 1.7nm from the threshold at a 3 degree slope. Assuming he didn't do a long straight in, I can see how it is plausible that he flew over a house less than 500' while on a stabilized approach. There is no requirement to...
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    Trent Palmer (YouTuber Bush Pilot Channel) Suspended By FAA

    Access to Google Maps is now a requirement of 91.103? The FAA itself published a guide for off-airport ops which includes a low altitude inspection pass. Was that guidance abused? Who knows. The evidence has apparently been deleted.