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    Avionics upgrades

    I bought a used Collins IND-351 for $300 from a guy on a FB group when I installed my GPS-175 a couple years ago and it's been flawless.
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    Pilots leaving their plane full of passangers

    FO wanted to fly LOP
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    Don’t use “Both” at altitude?

    I've had vapor lock occur a few times in my 1964 E model, but only on the ground. It happens pretty easily if you are running winter blend mogas on a hot spring or fall day with low atmospheric pressure. And especially after a long taxi or ground run gives the fuel plenty of time to heat up...
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    Capital gains on personal aircraft sale

    Any lawyers here that know what is allowable when determining cost basis for a used aircraft? Thinking of selling my 172 and it's worth nearly double what I paid for it. The upgrades will obviously figure into the cost basis, and I would think acquisition costs (like prebuy) also. Lots of things...
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    stuck carb heat control

    I hear ya. I only use WD-40 for cleaning stuff. Great for lots of things, but I always use something else when a lubricant is what is called for. The shop checked it out and said the airbox is ok. Of course, this is the most expensive carb heat cable on the planet ($400+ with shipping). Just...
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    stuck carb heat control

    I don't intend on trying to fix anything myself. But I'd to see what is going on down there. I'll probably pull the cowl, take a look, then call the shop. Thanks
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    stuck carb heat control

    Correct, it's 1 cable that splits into 2 behind the panel, with 2 separate cables going to the airbox. The one that is stuck is the one with the vertical hinge. I should be able to get a good look at it by removing the lower cowling. If it's not something easy and obvious I'll have the shop dig...
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    stuck carb heat control

    Today as I was engaging the carb head on my '64 172E, I heard a slight "click" as I was pulling the cable out, then after landing I was unable to push it back in. It'll go in a little way, then you can hear a definite hard stop which appears to be right behind the panel (like the cable itself is...
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    Bare minimum equipment for IFR

    I was asking the exact same question a couple of years ago when I started working on my IR, and ended up replacing my inop KLN 89B (which was in the plane when I bought it in 2017) with a GPS-175. It's been the single best investment I've made in the plane, and I'm betting it will pay for itself...
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    Leaded gas and the it comes

    Great, here come a crap ton more Californians to central Tx
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    Clicking in headset

    The avionics guy said that it was probably the connector in the back of the transponder. Since it works and hasn't been a bother I just let it go for now.
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    Clicking in headset

    when I had my GPS installed and I got the plane back there was clicking in the headset. I traced it to the interrogation light on the transponder. When it lights up I get a click. It's very faint and doesn't bother me but it was irritating at first not knowing what it was.
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    ADS-B in display on ipad

    Interesting, thanks for the explanation
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    ADS-B in display on ipad

    just figured out how to do that, want to get rid of that distraction. The bigger question is, if my position is obviously not accurate, how accurate are the displayed position of everyone else around me?
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    ADS-B in display on ipad

    That seems like the most obvious explanation, but it just seems like the underlying system would be more robust. Wondering if it's not some kind of intermittent failure in the Stratus, ipad or EFB, or the position reporting of my ADS-B out setup.