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    Garmin G5 w/Autopilot - question

    I have the Garmin G5 but no AP. Is anyone running the Garmin G5 and Garmin AP? What were experiences with installation and what works (or doesn't)?
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    Question for owners of the Garmin G5's

    I have a single G5 and still have a compass. I'm nostalgic about my compass, everything else is digital or glass.
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    For Sale Centurion engines.

    Will you crate and ship? Can you provide the serial numbers?
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    Ever fly with plane overloaded? Experiences?

    Summer (density altitude) flight with my brother-in-law in a Cessna 150. Took a while to get it off the runway; not an obscene or dangerous amount, but enough for me to ask "How much did you say you weigh?! You sure that's accurate?!"
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    Cremation or burial when you die

    I suppose it depends on fuel remaining, angle of attack and velocity.
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    Can I install G5 in certied airplane?

    I have the experimental version - great product.
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    Want To Buy Hangar @ KPTK (Pontiac Michigan)

    Looking for a hangar for my Midget Mustang. Easily share a T-hangar with a Cessna or like sized high wing.
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    Should you lean slightly when taxiing?

    My plane does not lean (auto conversion). Buy any time I steal someone else plane, I alway lean it for taxi to prevent plug fouling and cut down on fuel consumption. A friend of mine is an IA and has a few planes he rents out - all have a request to lean in all uses except takeoff unless you...