Senior Aviation Examiner & ATC designation. I began as a navy flight-surgeon - CVW-11 aboard USS America CV-66 1979 to 1982. Flight Surgeon to Topgun when ashore @ Miramar. Did a 4 mo TAD w/ Fleet Marines aboard the USS Coral Sea (Phantoms and San Francisco!). Also TAD to SERE school. I have 10 unofficial cats and traps in a S-3 at sea and 1 unofficial medal for combat in the USA (F-14 took a round from friendly hunters - Fallon NAS - just behind rear seat). In my at sea time we had 3 unrecovered man-overboards and lost 2 pilots - 1 struck the round-down and 1 suicide. I am multi-engine instrument rated pilot and do about 4000 faa exams/yr.

I do complicated case consultations: a quick question by email - free; consultation by phone or in person vary in cost. I can help you fill out your medexpress and do your exam, and co-ordinate your requirements with the FAA
Oct 9, 1950 (Age: 73)
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family doc / senior AME / Louis B Fowler Jr


Senior AME - Complicated cases are my specialty. 'I can help ... with the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!' ;)



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