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    Suitable iPad for Foreflight

    Hello everyone new student pilot here. I've got conflicting reports on which iPad Mini (version 5) I would need. There are two different ones, one is wifi-only and one with Wi-Fi and cellular capability. The people at Apple initially told me I would need the one with cellular capability and have...
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    Beginer needs help with Density altitude questions

    Thank you so much for your detailed answer. From what I have learned I was also using the same calculations to figure pressure altitude and my density altitude. However I got really bent out of shape when I read in the book two answers that were almost the same altitude one was 3010 ft and the...
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    Beginer needs help with Density altitude questions

    Hello I have just begun my training and I have the Gleim 2020 pilot book I'm wanting to understand how to calculate the density altitude by mathematical equation rather than relying on a chart the formula I have seen to be accurate is as follows DA=PA+{120*(OAT- ISA TEMP) } is this formula...