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    Homebuilt for tall pilot?

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    Homebuilt for tall pilot?

    RV-10 or RV-14, I might be biased though. Yeah C-172 was a little snug during training. I probably put two dents in it with the top of my head, one during some particular bad turbulence during an approach and the other when I bounced on landing.
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    Van's RV Building

    RV-10 builder here, waiting on my wing kit. There have been a couple moments I wished I did a -12 instead mainly due to price and length of build time. Unfortunately most 4 place rentals I have available have gotten ridiculous in price and suck for capacity and performance.
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    NA - Training a dog not to bark

    I know you don't want people recommending the shock collar, but I had a dog that the only thing that worked was the shock collar. Most dogs I trained, if they barked I could open the door and tell them no or yell no through the door after seeing it was something that I didn't want them barking...
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    Where to build

    I am building in a 2/2.5 car garage. Due to other projects, kid's toys, a giant mill, etc. I current use about a 15'X5' space. Quite cramped, but doable for the tail section. As parts are completed I have to move them somewhere else for storage.
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    Pilot Personalities

    Hey now, my conductor and I both play trombone.
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    Weaver, or isosceles?

    Without a vest, taking one in the chest front to back is supposed to have a better chance of survival than one that transverses the entire chest cavity (from one side to the other). Just what I was told by someone who main job was treating such wounds.
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    Pilot Personalities

    Type 3 Type 5 Type 6 In that order, all of them above 90% Type 1 was 89%, others were lower with type 7 and 9 at the bottom, below 45%.
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    Weaver, or isosceles?

    Isosceles. Its more precise and faster.
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    Daily Pic

    Thanks! It is hard to see, but I am standing behind that kid looking in the cockpit at my first ever airshow.
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    BEEF ribs!

    My first attempt at any kind of rib. Usually I find them right next to all the other ribs, of course I don't look for them too often.
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    Daily Pic

    Does anybody know what this is?
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    Smoked ribs

    I've smoked them both and beef as well. I think some have mentioned they liked my St. Louis more due to more meat on the bone. 4 hrs smoked at 250, I prefer hickory, oak, or mesquite. Only use a dry rub, eater can choose to add sauce, a lot don't.
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    PA 28 Student pilot 350 lbs

    I was probably over 300 pounds when I was asked by a coworker to sit in his 140 and help trouble shoot an issue he was having. I didn't step on the flaps, other than that seemed like a non issue. As far as flying it, as long as we could have gotten weigh and balance good, then go for it. I think...
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    Practical Use Of The Pilot Personality Profile

    Hope this helps. (Attachment) Sorry I was in a rush, there is still a lot of formatting I could do to make it better, but should at least be readable.