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    Most expensive jets 09-18

    Non of them (Citation X, BBJ of ACJ and similars) are considered Large Cabin Jets. This is a comparative between competitive models [emoji16][emoji1360] Enviado desde mi SM-N975U1 mediante Tapatalk
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    Most expensive jets 09-18

    Hey guys, we just published this bart chart race with the most expensive planes (priced new) from 2009 to 2018. Hope you like it!
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    Loans and credits for international students

    Do you guys know any school that offers loans for international cadets? We just received a couple of mails asking for this and have no clue. Thanks
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    Which do you choose?

    I'd go for the Cessna, it's much easier to sell in the aftermarket
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    Want To Buy Savage Aircrafts & Engines

    Looking for turboprop and jet aircrafts and engines on salvage condition to teardown and part out. Also considering inventories for sale. Ready to buy. Regards.
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    Thinking about tailwheel.

    I loved it when I use to fly PA18s!
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    Aircraft paint prices 2019-2020

    Would you guys consider painting your aircraft in Monterrey, Mexico? I've noticed big savings with ALE SC
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    Ready room chair for sale

    Is it still for sale?