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    On-field hotel - north TX or OK?

    Fredericksburg, Tx west of Austin. T82 identifier
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    For Sale Lycoming 0-540-A1A5 narrow deck engine with accessories-NOT a prop strike

    Complete 0-540-A1A5 narrow deck engine for sale with complete accessories (starter, Bendix S6LN-20 series magnetos and harness, carburetor, fuel pump, vacuum pump, etc). Alternator, prop, prop gov, Exhaust, oil cooler, and baffling not included. Engine being removed from my Comanche tomorrow...
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    Splitting OAT wire-multiple instruments

    Anyone aware if an already installed OAT gauge going to a JPI can be split off to provide OAT information to an AV-30 and an Aspen or would this setup require 3 OAT probes?
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    Magneto Filter needed?

    Tomorrow my mechanic and I start replacing my engine with an overhauled unit. This is a new mechanic I've never worked with before. The new engine has a Surefly on the left side. My current Piper Comanche 1959-250 has the original magneto filter on the firewall AND a filter on the left mag. (see...
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    Engine vibration

    That's a different prop than I have. The hartzell page shows what I thought that prop was only for the 260's and not 250? Hartzell doesn't show an applicable prop for 250 Comanches...
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    Engine vibration

    No- (edited because I thought he had the McCauley prop. He has the Hartzell top prop)
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    Engine vibration

    I have the same O-540 and McCauley 3blade set up in my Comanche. Some days she likes 23/23 to be smooth, some days she likes 24/23 to be smooth. The shimmy and shake is a known issue with the McCauley 3 blade on Comanches. Some have found relief by changing the Lord motor mounts and getting a...
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    Installing used JPI830

    Any hiccups I should be aware of (STC permission, etc) in installing a used JPI830 in a Comanche that was previously installed in a Comanche?
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    Six Seats, Two Engines, Under 20 GPH

    Beech Sierra. 3 doors, 6 seats, IO-360 200hp. During prebuy check for bird strikes on aft edges of control surfaces
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    Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

    I said hi to Kevin Bacon in the airport one time and he said hi back. Does that count?
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    Jetliner wake turbulence
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    Surefly Ignition Harness question

    Overhauling an O-540-A1A5 for my Comanche and installing a Surefly in the left position and Bendix in the right. Have seen multiple recommendations to run the Surefly on the bottom plugs and the Bendix on the top plugs. Before I order my new custom harness, can someone shed some light on why...
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    Show multiple plane flight tracks at same time?

    I saw A LOT of similarities between that one and what I probably would have experienced had I not slowed down and diverted. This part stood out: “According to recorded radar data, the flight path of N1549X crossed the flight path of DAL931at 1437:51 at 1,800 feet, which was 39 seconds after...
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    Show multiple plane flight tracks at same time?

    Don't planes to the right have right of way? I was to his right, he was crossing my path, therefore I had right of way as I understand it. Once he did cross and I realized how close he was (less than 500' according to flight tracks) I chopped power and diverted because I wasn't willing to...
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    Show multiple plane flight tracks at same time?

    I tried that. It's not showing data for the AA2716 flight from DFW to TUL on 1-30-22.