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    Looking for a Place with a Plane to Train

    Hey, folks. I'm looking for a place not too far from Fairfield County Connecticut to do some aerobatic, spin and upset recovery training for which I don't need my own plane. I think my preference would be in a super decathlon, but I'm open to any suggestions. Quick experience overview: 500 total...
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    Pack Function on Foreflight

    I'm a little confused about the Pack function on Foreflight. If I have a Performance Plus subscription, I think all of the stuff is already downloaded in the app. I was hoping that the Pack function would put it all in one easy to access place, operating kind of like the send-to-binders...
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    Complex Aircraft Training Near Stamford CT, or KHPN

    I'm a relatively new pilot. Did my private at Danbury. While I build my time for IFR, I also want to develop some broader versatility in different planes. I am doing transition training for the Cirrus SR20 at White plains, but I'd also like to do more 6-pack training in complex and high...
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    Written Test Question on To/From Indication and Waypoints

    Great answer. That now makes sense. Thanks! I was searching for some indication that the GPS unit would mimic that function. My mind didn't even go to the slaved VOR. Thanks again!
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    Written Test Question on To/From Indication and Waypoints

    On a practice test for my IFR written, there was a question about how to identify a missed approach point on an RNAV (GPS) approach. The MAP on the chart provided was a fly-over GPS way point at the approach end of the runway (no VOR in the procedure at all). One of the answer options was "When...
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    Determining WAAS coverage

    I'm getting ready for my instrument written a digging through some of the loose ends in my studying. Today, it's RAIM and WAAS. Now, I understand that if I can confirm that if I have WAAS coverage throughout my entire route, I don't need to do any RAIM prediction as part of my flight planning...
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    GPS Restrictions on Alternate Airports

    Deciphering the AIM's convolutions... Can someone verify that I have this right, or help me correct it. The write their stuff as sort of a long-form analog to a series of double negatives. I work with a lot of attorneys that do the same thing, so I should be more tolerant, but... Here's my...
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    Understanding Windshear Recovery on Approach and Take-off

    Can anyone direct me to some good resources for better understanding of the effects of, and recovery from, wind shear events during approach and takeoff in small GA aircraft? Written or video. I can can't seem to find much on it. Thanks!
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    Question on GPS and LNAV/VNAV Approaches

    During a practice IFR test, I got the following question: While flying a GPS approach, you see the GPS display an LNAV/VNAV annunciation. What action should you take? The correct answer, apparently, is that the LNAV/VNAV annunciation indicates that both lateral and vertical guidance have failed...
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    Flying with Cancer

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    Learning IFR Low Altitude Charts

    That is super helpful. Thank you!
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    Learning IFR Low Altitude Charts

    I am new to the forum and am studying for my IFR and reviewing low altitude charts. This is my first ever question on a forum. Here goes: Why don't the majority of the VOR boxes on my New York IFR Low Altitude chart include service volume class desgnators? (T,L, or H). I see a few designated as...