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    Wherever you fly, take a WingTent!

    I have given this quite a bit of thought actually. Already without the floor, there is a lot of fabric involved, that add both weight and bulk. Adding a floor would be a serious amount of fabric. And while we call this a tent, it is primarily meant to be a place where pilots can escape from...
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    Wherever you fly, take a WingTent!

    I'll field test on some tundra tires and see how much longer would make sense. Longer is totally doable. I always assumed that it would just ride a little higher off the ground, or perhaps the front and back could be draped off the wing at a steeper angle for taller airplanes. But let me get...
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    Wherever you fly, take a WingTent!

    I like the suggestion. I'll add additional photos, info on the fabric, etc to the product pages. Some of that info is already available there, but I'll add more.
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    Wherever you fly, take a WingTent!

    I'm the inventor of the WingTent, and we are finally ready to take orders. The WingTent transforms the space under your wing into a covered patio. It gets you out of the sun and creates a welcoming space to gather pilot friends for hangar-talk. I'm excited to announce that my e-commerce site...
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    Filing to waypoints

    So last week I had to file IFR to get above the clouds, but the mission was to do a scenic pass around Mt Rainier, then fly (IFR again) to Tacoma Narrows (KTIW) for dinner. I discovered that I could file to a waypoint (didn't know that was possible!) near Mt Rainier, and file a second flight...
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    Aerobatic training in the PNW??

    Hi all, I'm interested in getting some aerobatic training, I'm based at KHIO just outside Portland OR. Anyone have a recommendation for this kind of training up in these here parts?
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    ADS-B hidden gems?

    Those of you who are waiting till the deadline to install ADS-B, do you have any insight on low-cost, feature rich gems emerging on the market?
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    Flying clubs & leasebacks...

    Anyone here involved in the operations of a flying club that has both owned and leased aircraft? How have you balanced the hourly rates, sinced owned will always be lower than leased?
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    How to get around at my destination?

    I've got 260 hours of flying under my belt, mostly just me flying. Now I want to start flying with my family (wife and two daughters age 2 and 4) to fun destinations. I've come up with several fun ones, but am looking for advice on how others have done this successfully. Do you rent a car to...