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    Folding E-bicycle.

    That's the problem with a lot of E bikes. They're just too heavy to use without the battery helping you along. It's why I'm adding battery power to my Bromptons. The bromptons fold and unfold quickly but more important, the ride is excellent. It's no problem to ride them with no help from...
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    Folding E-bicycle.

    I have a Brompton folder and recently ordered an electric kit from Swytch. The kit should have arrived by now but they've since changed their delivery date to indefinite. I have ridden the Brompton electric and it's very good. The beauty of the Brompton is that they fold into a very...
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    Avidyne IFD 540 Disconnects From iPad

    I haven't contacted them yet. I'll download the logs first.
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    Avidyne IFD 540 Disconnects From iPad

    I'm not using a Stratus at all and having the same problem. Do you always get the problem or only after some amount of time? I'm wondering if it's an internal component overheating inside the 540. Dave
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    Avidyne IFD 540 Disconnects From iPad

    SoCal 182 - did you get a resolution on this problem? My 540 has been behaving as yours but it only does it after about 2 hours or so inflight. I first noticed on my return flight from KOSH. It did it again on my flights to and from Bar Harbor over the weekend. I've tested with both my...
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    Using descriptors instead of N number

    Or just don't use the radio at uncontrolled fields. Problem solved!!!!
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    Wearing chute for aerobatic training

    One thing I was told that makes a lot of sense to me is to always put your chute on before you get in the plane and take it off after you get out of the plane. Lots of folks leave the chute in the plane and just buckle it up when they do their seat harness. You may find that getting out...
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    First flight from northern VA?

    Probably can't either. Dave
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    Restoration Grade Instrument Overhaul Shops

    I used Keystone instruments in Lockhaven, PA to restore the AI, DG and TB from my Birddog. They gave me a tour of their shop when I dropped my stuff off. They have a huge collection of silk screens for the dials. I doubt there's many instruments that they don't already have a template...
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    First flight from northern VA?

    And we've got to check out your new ride!!!!
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    First flight from northern VA?

    I'll try. I don't need much of an excuse to fly it. Dave
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    First flight from northern VA?

    Pleasure meeting you too. Dave
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    In the NY Times travel section

    Thanks for the link to a very nice article.
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    Motorcycle in the back

    I've got one. Its got plenty of power for one rider. I think it weighs about 100 lbs. Here's a link to an enthusiast's website.
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    What's fair? (pre-buy inspection/annual/travel)

    I'm in Philly and the Bonanza I wanted was in Utah. I hired a mechanic from Texas to go look at it for me. He gave it the thumbs up so I bought it. The seller flew the plane back east at his expense. I paid for his airline flight back to Utah. That seemed reasonably fair to me. If...