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    Youtube Pilot and her dad perish in TN

    Sounds like she ditched her second instructor (after ditching the young guy) because he didn't want cameras in the cockpit. I'm begging all YouTubers to draw that line and not cross it. Your training is more important than your videos.
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    Youtube Pilot and her dad perish in TN

    My guess is that the autopilot did disconnect because it was so out of trim (her plane DID NOT have auto-trim or any electric trim). When that happens and the autopilot lets go, the plane will immediately and violently revert to the trim setting you've set and that the AP was previously fighting...
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    Flying Cars for everyone!

    Insurance companies laughing out loud right now.
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    Flying club members/owners: what’s your AOG policy?

    Our old club would have just paid for the gas to get it home. The person who originally had it would usually be happy to be the one to get some free flying time bringing it back.
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    Today’s headline: Passengers to be compensated for “airline controllable” delays.

    Airline fares are already up 17.7% in the last year. Yet more cost pressures on carriers are only going to drive prices higher. There is no free lunch.
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    YouTuber on the 1500 Hour Rule. What Do You Think?

    People have to get their time in whatever way presents itself. But for the most part, anyone getting to 1500 will have some breadth of experience. Instructing, especially with the CFII, is pretty varied, and that’s probably 90% of time building aside from military. For every one guy I know who...
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    YouTuber on the 1500 Hour Rule. What Do You Think?

    Came across this YouTube video from what I gather is a popular content creator. It's basically all the reasons the 1500-hour rule is "ridiculous." And while he makes some good points about financial burden, I’m not sure that applies to getting time post training (I.e. paid) anyway. Call me a...
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    Sheppard Air reviews…

    It’s great. If you want to use it to learn the material, read the explanations given with every question. The knowledge test is best to not overthink. Just pass it. The oral does not translate no matter how you study for the knowledge test. For that, use the ASA oral prep guides.
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    Less flaps for XWind landings

    Flaps are a tool, not a test of skill. You are PIC. If you feel more comfortable with the softer flare and touchdown of less flaps in gusty conditions, do it. If there is no prohibition, and if you’ve got 4-5K of runway, who cares? And certainly, it’s fine to add speed in gusty conditions. Not...
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    Looking for CFI advice

    If he’s getting toward his 1500, he’s probably stopped caring about retaining you. Young instructors (time, not age) can be good most of the way because they are doing everything they can to grind it out, keep students, and get guys to the IFR so they can get more night and cross country time...
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    Got a Jet Job...and Some Motivation for Others

    Heck, he can skip the single. Seems like he’s wanting to be in the jet world anyway.
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    Got a Jet Job...and Some Motivation for Others

    Sounds like he doesn’t have a his commercial. He needs to go do that first.
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    Bonanza V-Tail or Mooney M20x or ??

    Before totally dismissing the guy, there are A&Ps out there that have never touched a piston plane and don’t know a lot about them past whatever they learn in school. I have a cousin who only worked on jets until he started doing a day every two weeks to get some piston experience recently.
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    Got a Jet Job...and Some Motivation for Others

    I love the King Airs. Very easy to fly and land and just fast enough to make you feel like a big boy. But they aren’t really a stepping stone because single pilot insurance on them will eat you alive. I was lucky enough to know a guy who was willing to let me fly a 90 with him. A stepping...
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    Got a Jet Job...and Some Motivation for Others

    I think we should have a 15 page thread to figure out the mystery of that typo…lol