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    New CFI (Me) and my Son

    Hi Allan -- why not just approach the flight school. Offer to be an instructor for the school with the caveat you get to teach your son at the same time. Time with your son is not billable, and you get the plane at some sort of steep discount. Most schools are eager to have experienced pilots...
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    Smoke in a TAF?

    I just called Flight Service. They say it's due to those wildfires in Nova Scotia. Apparently it's impacting all the TAFs in the North East.
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    Smoke in a TAF?

    Have you ever seen FU in a forecast before? Check the FM302300 line KSWF 301602Z 3016/3118 14008KT P6SM SKC FM301800 12009KT P6SM BKN200 FM302000 13009KT 6SM HZ BKN200 FM302300 13005KT 6SM HZ FU BKN200 FM310300 VRB02KT P6SM FEW250 AMD NOT SKED
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    More 91.113 Right-of-way debate

    One of the exceptions to ROW during landing has always confused me. (g) Landing. Aircraft, while on final approach to land or while landing, have the right-of-way over other aircraft in flight or operating on the surface, except that they shall not take advantage of this rule to force an...
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    Anyone with experience with CFI Academy in Lodi, Ca?

    I’m looking for feedback from anyone who’s worked with CFI Academy in Lodi, CA. thanks
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    What is the world is that ASA E6-B appendage?

    Man -- I just couldn't buy that. I've been flying for over 20 years and I've never seen someone hang an e6b around their neck. No way (I thought) would ASA spend money all these years for something like that. So I emailed their support department. Turns our you were pretty much spot on. Here's...
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    What is the world is that ASA E6-B appendage?

    Does anyone know what that weird black circular attachment is on the ASA E6-B is? For the life of me, I can't see any use for it.
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    Written 141 vs 61

    As you've already surmised, nothing stops you from giving him the sign-off, and the score would be official. The 141 school will still make him sit for the ground, but they can't make him re-take the written. However, restesting is not limited to just after a failure. He is welcome to retest...
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    Where to find legacy approach charts?

    Not sure how far back you want, but the wayback project lets you pull up old versions of any website. Go to and plunk in the TPP page url Looks like the have plates back to...
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    Prescott 3 departure

    First, I agree with the other posters here — you were good, and there was no need to ask ATC, however noone ever got in trouble who asked for confirmation (and you should just ignore any annoyed sounds from ATC who is comfortably down on the ground drinking coffee). I really like how you...
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    Can anyone explain the legend on the LLWS GFA Chart?

    We have a SIGMET for Severe Turbulence today, so, I thought I'd check the LLWS chart. But if you check the LLWS Chart, there's no material coloration...just some white, which is the lowest level (and it almost always shows white). So then I thought, OK, a SIGMET is a forecast, whereas the...
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    Can anyone explain the legend on the LLWS GFA Chart?

    I'm not sure I follow the math. Would you mind walking me through it (for the "calculations challenged flyers").
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    Can anyone explain the legend on the LLWS GFA Chart?

    That explanation hurts my head. But thanks for digging up the reference (somehow I missed it on the Info page).
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    Can anyone explain the legend on the LLWS GFA Chart?

    I like the weather details and it's my first stop when looking for pre-flight. The one chart I can't understand is the LLWS chart as part of the GFA tool. I get it that the further to the right in the color scale is "bad", but can anyone explain what these numbers mean?
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    Zenith CH-750 w/no logbooks

    Without logs, how can the buyer confirm AD's are complied with? If the seller can't demonstrate compliance with AD's, then its airworthiness status is in question, no? The buyer might need to re-perform every applicable AD during the first annual. Even if the buyer doesn't care about the...