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    Anyone use Google Earth in flight planning?

    I don't think many people know you can overlay charts on to it. Download this and load it in google earth. you switch on or off the chart you want. You can even adjust the transparency. It makes it super awesome to pick out vfr...
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    Would you, Could you... Eat something from the roller grill?

    At select diners in NJ. Disco fries and Taylor ham and cheese sandwich too.
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    Mystery Vents - C152

    Now everyone can stump some chumps at the hanger tonight. If anyone makes any money, they owe me a beer.
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    Mystery Vents - C152

    sorry I no read everything. You are the winner, answered the question correctly.
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    Mystery Vents - C152

    Well that's not true, on the starboard side there is s 2 x 3" square door that pops open when you pull the vent knob. Avionics sounds like a winner, il try to verify that sticking my head under the panel.
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    Mystery Vents - C152

    Yeahhhh, but I don't want to take it from together to figure it out... I want the easy way out.
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    Mystery Vents - C152

    Where do these vents go?
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    Top Gun goosebumps

    Might be the best shot of all time. There may never be one more awesome.
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    Down to "brass tacks" ... That makes so much more sense.

    I don't know man, its not even a pure metal, it sounds like a disgraceful alloy to me. I mean, look it even looks like a dinosaur.
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    Twin Navion

    There is one sitting on the ramp at 22N, don't know if its for sale or abandoned.
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    Thoughts on Apple's new products?

    I see people burn tons of money per month on cell phones and expensive plans they dont need. No reason to spend more than 20-30 per month on a cell phone plan. Buy the phone outright, you don't need the latest model. Phone 0-$200 , lots of people give them away. There are lots of plans out...
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    Stratux - KindleFireHD - EFB

    you can root it and install google play...