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Massive explosion and fire at industrial plant in Fort Worth

Live video on www.NBC5i.com

I can see the fire (smoke) from near Dallas! The fire is just a few miles from Fort Worth Meacham airport.

"Several explosions are occurring and flames are shooting hundreds of feet into the air from a chemical plant in the industrial section of north Fort Worth.

The 4-alarm fire has engulfed the Valley Solvents and Chemicals plant in the 2500 block of Northeast 33rd at Bethlehem, just east of Interstate 35-W and west of Sylvania, and several blocks north of Northeast 28th Street.

Three patients have been taken to JPS Hospital in Fort Worth. Their conditions are unknown.

Thick, black smoke shooting into the sky can be seen for several miles.

Police told NBC 5 that the fumes are toxic. Firefighters have been instructed to stay back for their safety.

The wind is carrying the smoke due south, NBC 5 reported.

Witnesses described the ground shaking during a series of explosions.

Stay with NBC 5 and nbc5i.com for more details in this breaking story."
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