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Pilot Training A conference for Pilots in Training and Flight Instructors to ask questions and get answers! Whether you are a new Student Pilot or an advanced commercial pilot training on a new aircraft, if you've got a training question, this is the place for you

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Re: Solo with virtually no ground instruction

I had around 30 hours flying at solo, and had read 2/3rds of the Jeppesen book by that time enough that I could answer all the questions at the end of the chapters correctly. Most of my ground with my instructor was before and after flights, but there was quite a bit of it - I'd say about 30 hours total on top of the flying (so an extra hour ground for each hour flying more or less).

I had to go through two exams - a written one about flying, the plane, and the airport, and an oral one from my instructor - before it was even a possibility. It still didn't happen immediately, but maybe a week after I passed both he stepped out the first time and let me go out on my own.

My second solo was to the practice area, and my third solo was my long cross-country. Things started going very rapidly after that first one. In many ways, once you get to solo stage, you're already a pilot - you're flying the plane by yourself, after all. So I would expect that you should in theory be reasonably knowledgeable by then. I can't imagine him letting you do it otherwise!
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Re: Solo with virtually no ground instruction

My CFI didn't give me a formal ground school. I told him that I am studying books, and he made himself available for any question I may have (at no charge). But he did not want to hear anything about solo until I had my FAA written done. So without any ground school from CFI, I was able to get 92 on a written. Solo was soon after.
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Re: Solo with virtually no ground instruction

Originally Posted by Henning View Post
Truth is for solo you don't need any of that crap, you only need physical control of the aircraft through the pattern for three laps, that's it.
Henning is wrong. The regulations specify the training required before solo, and as Henning would know if he were a CFI, "physical control of the aircraft through the pattern for three laps" is nowhere near sufficient.

You are responsible for your own learning though.
To a certain extent I agree, but your instructor holds the ultimate responsibility to the FAA for making sure your training meets the legal requirements before you solo.
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Re: Solo with virtually no ground instruction

Originally Posted by Jay Honeck View Post
Wow! $10,000 to solo? Or more?
Back in those days when we had a 150 available for $42hr wet it was more like $6500, but yeah....
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Re: Solo with virtually no ground instruction

First, there is a fine distinction between ground school and ground training. Ground school is not required by Part 61 (I'm guessing that you are not at a Part 141 school). However, FAR 61.105 says that you must receive and log ground training...this is the pre- and post-flight briefings that your instructor is responsible for. That is a pre-checkride requirement, though, not a pre-solo requirement. Your instructor is required to give you a pre-solo written exam; its contents are listed in 61.87. FAR 61.189 tells your instructor what he is supposed to do....make sure that he is compliant, because you are his boss.

Bob Gardner

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